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The Fertility Profile is a bloodspot and saliva test that measures hormone levels that contribute to female fertility.

In America, many couples are having difficulty getting pregnant. Current statistics from the most recent National Survey of Family Growth show that 7.4% (2.1 million) of all married women of childbearing age (15-44 years) in the US are infertile, defined as not having achieved pregnancy despite using no contraception in the past 12 months or more. When the survey considered only married, childless women, this figure increases to 16.6%. The incidence of female infertility is significantly age-related, increasing with age. In one population study, the main causes of infertility attributable to the woman were ovulatory failure (21%), tubal damage (14%), and endometriosis (6%), while a massive 28% of cases were unexplained. Yet in the absence of a physical cause, many cases of female infertility may be explained by something as simple as a correctable hormone imbalance, which can be assessed by hormone testing.