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DNA Diet

Weight management and healthy eating are integral to long-term health and can prevent poor health and various chronic diseases. There is no one diet or way of eating that is correct for everyone, but DNA Diet will identify the best choices for you.

DNA Diet tests several gene variations that impact metabolism, absorption and storage of fats and carbohydrates, as well as eating behaviour to understand how your genetic profile will impact your response to our most effective healthy eating plans.

DNA Gluten Panel (DQ2 & DQ8)

The DNA gluten panel tests for two genetic haplotypes, HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8. 99% of celiac disease patients have one of these haplotypes, whereas people with other haplotypes are very unlikely to develop the disease.

DNA Health

DNA Health is designed to identify any potential lifestyle diseases and to optimise your well-being and health by personalising your lifestyle and diet choices. We test for 36 gene variants to identify any precursors to lifestyle diseases.

DNA Mind

The DNA mind test analyses 30 genes which have been shown to have significant associations with key mental health disorders.

DNA Oestrogen

DNA Oestrogen includes 11 genes involved in oestrogen biosynthesis, oestrogen metabolism, and phase I and phase II detoxification, providing information to guide personalised diet, lifestyle, hormone, and nutra-ceutical recommendations.

DNA Skin

DNA Skin analyses variations on 18 genes associated with the following key areas involved in skin health and aging: collagen formation; protection from SUN & UV exposure; inflammation; protection from oxidative stress.

DNA Sport

DNA Sport examines various biological areas that impact training responsiveness and sporting performance.

Medcheck Psych (only available in South-Africa and UAE)

mypsychRx focuses specifically on possible side effects and toxicities associated with psychiatric medication, analysing 55 genetic variations and reporting on over 80 drugs. 


The Medcheck® pharmacogenomics test is part of the dnalife® portfolio of genetic tests. We analyse 62 genotypes associated with drug responsiveness for cardiovascular disease, psychiatry and pain management as well as diabetes medication, infectious disease medications and gastrointestinal drugs.

DNA Resilience

DNA Resilience

DNA Smile

DNA Smile is a genetic test designed to give insights into the state of your oral health and your predisposition for developing periodontal disease, tooth caries and other systemic diseases.


The GrowBaby genetic test gives insight into key biological areas related to the major birth phenotypes, outcomes, and conditions, as well as male infertility.

It blends emerging genetic, nutrition and lifestyle science to develop a personalised report with accessible diet, nutraceutical and environmental interventions designed to help improve health outcomes for mother and baby.

GrowBaby is designed by dnalife in partnership with Leslie Stone, MD & Emily Rydbom CN, BCHN, CNP of GrowBaby.

Medcheck (R) AND All 6 dnalife NGX tests


  • DNA Health
  • DNA Sport
  • DNA Diet
  • DNA Oestrogen
  • DNA Mind
  • DNA Skin

 PLUS Medcheck

  • mygeneRx analyses 62 genetic variations associated with cardiovascular disease, pain medication, psychiatric drugs, diabetes medication, infectious disease medications and gastrointestinal drugs.