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Clinical Science

Our staff, doctors, and scientists have spent the last 15 years working to develop and provide the most reliable, scientifically validated laboratory tests on the functional medicine market. Most laboratories focus their skills strictly around scientific rationale; however, while we uphold scientific validity, we think it is essential to also have the clinical expertise. Through our own practice, Nordic Clinic, we are able to qualify the validity of the range of tests that we offer. Due to this, we are able to offer a wide range of evaluations, that cover the following areas: food allergy, autism, chronic fatigue, hormonal dysfunction, gastrointestinal conditions, detoxification, genetics, and cardiovascular problems.


Through our many years of practice we have acquired a wide range of experience, working with diverse laboratories, providing testing, results, and assistance to practitioners across the globe. Still, we stay focused on the end goal: successful patient treatment. We recognize that successful treatment requires effective diagnosis. Thus, we strive to provide the most scientifically proven, accurate and reliable tests to our clients.