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Healthcare Support

Lab testing and reporting should not be an esoteric enterprise. Neither the product nor the result should be exclusive, difficult to attain or understand. Laboratories rightly tend to emphasise their testing process. However, they fail to make their tests readily available and they neglect the importance of communicating clear test results. That’s where we enter.

Nordic Laboratories specialises in providing a variety of tests through one channel, making them easy to sort and order. Forget the trials of determining which test is best. Our quality assurance methods have gained the trust of thousands of practitioners. Forget the logistics of shipping different samples to different labs across the globe. Our processing center has this down to a science. Simply ship us your sample and await your prompt results. We strive to provide easy to interpret lab test reports to patients and practitioners. Standard reports are too often impersonal and obscure. The inherent human element of the test is all but removed. By combining the expertise of our clinicians, feedback from our patients, and the aesthetic eye of our designers, our rebranded test reports communicate clear, concise, personalised results.

When a test is ordered, we ship the parcel to the requested destination. Patients or practitioners then collect the required samples and send the samples to us in Copenhagen via our courier agreement. We then process and mail the samples to the respective laboratory for testing. The results, on completion, are returned to us and uploaded into your online account. You can view the test report using a password and login information that will have previously been provided. Once logged in, the results can be easily accessed and the pertinent treatment interventions can begin.